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About us

Our company background dates back to 1993, when we entered the market as a trade company dealing in AV equipment. In the year 1996, we launched another business direction — installation services. And at last, in 2005, the distribution company Smart Audio Group was founded.

Today, our company proudly presents unique brands that make it possible to create top-class home cinema systems featuring bold design solutions.  

When contemplating cooperation with this or that brand, we are guided by the three main principles:

  1. The brand should provide high output characteristics.
  2. It should be innovative and have distinctive features that would let it stand out from the multitude of similar type faceless products.
  3. The brand should be utterly reliable. We want to be sure that our customers will get high-quality, reliable systems that will work solidly for many years to come.
In aggregate, these three principles grant us full confidence in the high quality and vast prospects of a product in the audio/video market, and also in its ability to produce a WOW! effect on both viewers and listeners, including the most demanding ones! All our brands comply with these principles to the fullest.


Each brand presented on our website has undergone an extensive study of its performance potential, technical specifications, production quality, and was thoroughly tested by our installation team, which boasts over 20-year experience in this field.
The superior quality of equipment distributed by our company is proved by numerous industry awards, high estimates from recognized experts throughout the world, and the prestigious "CEDIA Awards" prizes.

Having our own installation division contributes to a more detailed study of all nuances and technical peculiarities of the AV equipment distributed by our company. This, in its place, helps us provide in-depth consultations to our partners (project development, engineering and installation companies) on every aspect of a particular brand, helping them complete the process of installation and fine-tuning of home cinema and entertainment systems in less time, and with better quality.

Our company has a wide dealer network that embraces the whole territory of the Eurasian Customs Union, including all regions of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.


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